One of my clients I’ve worked with for many years, Jim Criniti, recently surprised me and the person I often co-consult with Ellen Rohr, the financial guru, by sending us the following e-mail.

Before you read on, there are many quotes that either Ellen or I have created to help simplify a business concept. Some of it has been gathered from the good business wisdom that’s out there in the world through applied study.

But, I do want to make it clear that I don’t claim authorship to all of them by any means.

The key thing is these quotes [and many more not here] have worked for this client and many other clients I’ve worked with over the years. That’s because these people took it from a quote on a page and made it part of the culture at their company.

Jim has graciously allowed me to share his e-mail with you:

“Al, I came across this list that I put together. It’s based on my notes from the various meetings we had with you and Ellen. These are my Cliffs Notes of our time together. If you don’t already have these in one place then here you go:

Be, Do, Have… Be that person. Do what that person does. Have what that person has.

Goals must be written… If it’s not written it’s not real.

Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.

Remember that your employees vote with their feet… be happy they came to work.

Remember the “WIFM”. What’s in it for me!

Owner’s two jobs are to inspire and lead.

People resist change for fear of failure. Need to make it safe for them and ensure their success.

A willing person will sing. Singing in the interview process is a good sign of willingness.

Give your people a great game to play or they will find their own and you won’t like it.

Praise in Public. Reprimand in private

If you don’t have the time to do it right now (correct way), then when are you going to find the time to do it right later (fix the mistakes).

Don’t let the 5 percent bad customers ruin the experience of the 95 percent of good customers.

Don’t feel pressured to answer every question your staff asks immediately when asked. Instead answer, “That’s a good question, it deserves a good answer. I’ll get back to you.” When you have thought it over what you do owe them is “Yes,” “Yes but not now and here’s why,” or “No and here’s why”.

Start with the end in mind.

Look for the exits… Look for the way out of a business relationship before you look for the way in. 

Never stop Recruiting, Hiring & Training because people get sick, they quit, they retire, they get promoted, they get fired and they die.

Jim Criniti

General Manager and President
Zoom Drain & Sewer Service”

 Please send me your favorite business quotes at that have empowered you and your team so we can continue to add to the industry’s wisdom and we can all move forward together.