I have noticed an increasing number of collaborations being announced recently. The kind of collaborations I refer to are combining efforts of disparate suppliers to seek new business or enhance business with a common clientele. One came across the newswire the other day that is worthy of note. 

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance recently announced that their sales force would be exclusively marketing the Kee Safety non-penetrating permanent rooftop fall protection systems. This kind of partnership strikes me as one with a great deal of potential to add value for both firms and their building-owner customers.

There are a good many existing structures in this country that should be fitted out with permanent fall protection systems, including skylights, hatches, and perimeters. There have been a lot of barriers to making this happen, but as with so many challenges we face in the roofing industry, systems have been developed to eliminate them, or at least ease the pain. The primary issues with permanent fall protection systems on existing structures include concerns about the aesthetic impact; damage to the roof covering; and (of course) cost.

So you have Kee Safety offering a variety of solutions: Kee Guard Perimeter Railing System, the Weightanka Deadweight Anchor System, the Kee Hatch, the Kee Dome Screen and the Kee Safety Skylight Screen. Couple that with Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, a firm that has been solving roofing and waterproofing problems for building owners since 1928 (including a long and impressive customer list), and suddenly the potential for sales increases geometrically.

 Tremco, however, should be able to leverage this collaboration into more than a few additional sales dollars. They will solve a critical problem for many of their clients while setting themselves apart from their completion. They will arm their sales force with one more solution to offer their customers. I think that is how you sustain great customer relationships: solving their problems even when the solution falls outside your normal product and service range.