Black Rhino 1 body Black Rhino 2 body

Once in a while a company comes along that sets a new level in the industry. Black Rhino (Bold, Inc.) is certainly one of these companies. Black Rhino has produced a line of hand tools, ladders, and gloves that are rapidly becoming the brand of choice with contractors.

They began in 1998 with a vision to design, build, and offer tools dedicated to the professional, focusing on performance and style. Over the last few years, their line has developed into multiple patents and unique products from a standard hammer to some of the most thought-out inventive products offered today.

Their line-up continues to advance as new tools are continuously researched, designed, and produced for the professional trade, maintaining strict focus on the needs of their customers and demands.

The product looks beefy, performs as well as it looks, and is also warrantied against defects for a lifetime. We’ve been offering Black Rhino for more than a year with minimal negative feedback and very low defective rates. It’s now a tool line-up our customers ask for by name.

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