roof remover in bodyLast year, I began offering a product for sale from JKN Enterprises. They developed a lightweight, pneumatic tool for the removal of shingles, fasteners and built-up (as well as flooring material). The Rapid Roof Remover, with its 30-inch heat treated tear-off blade, is easily capable of removing a square of multi-layered shingles in 3 to 5 minutes.

In a single pass, the Rapid Roof Remover will pull multiple levels of shingles bringing up larger sections at once. Powered by a compressor and weighs a little less than a bundle of shingles, it’s a little awkward to get on the roof and you will have air hoses to deal with. But given this slight inconvenience, a roof can be stripped about four times faster than normal manual processes.

Most contractors will see a cost and labor savings with the item. Although it sells for around $2200, for a major Roofing contractor, this cost can be recovered in just a few jobs. Cuts time to strip the roof using fewer workers and with larger sections coming out, clean-up time is also reduced.

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