One new item that is really gaining a lot of attention is the new Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer. This tool is a great product for a repair job, maybe the installation of a skylight, or a quick fix. I wouldn’t recommend the product to do a roof job or even a large repair. I found the benefits being no air hoses to drag around, no need to start up and hook up a compressor, and it can be easily taken up on a roof hanging off your belt. Disadvantages are the gun fires slow (it’s not a bump-fire … meaning you have to push the gun down and pull the trigger). But if you need to do a quick fix, save some time and money, it’s a good product to put in your truck. Contractors I’ve talked to really like the versatility of the gun and the ability to take care of a customer even on the first call. Nice product for repairs … but not the whole job.