Our first live webinar of 2012 will kick off on Thursday, Jan. 19, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Dennis Kelley, National Brand Manager for Chem Link Products, will talk about the benefits of polyether-based adhesives and sealants in a presentation titled Why Contractors Like Polyether Technology,” sponsored by Chem Link Inc.

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According to Kelley, one key benefit of these adhesives is the elimination of solvents and the numerous problems associated with these chemicals — an important consideration, especially with new VOC guidelines to consider. He plans to cover the roofing applications for four representative polyether products: a sealing compound for flashing and patching; an all-purpose adhesive for bonding shingles, seams, coping and other roofing components; a sealant for installing penetration seals; and an adhesive for bonding single-ply membrane on low-slope roofs.

I’ll be moderating the webinar, and I hope to see you out there in cyberspace. Remember,

If you can’t attend the live event, you can view the webinar on-demand any time by visiting www.roofingcontractor.com.


Roofing Contractor covered a case study of a project using Chem Link’s EPDM Single Ply Adhesive last year. Check it out at