If you're struggling to meet payroll (and ends meet in general) follow these four tips to get the cash flowing again at your company now.

Are you struggling to meet payroll and make ends meet in general? Here are just four ways to get the cash flowing again at your company now:
    1. Sell more service agreements, packages or other items that give you recurring income and the potential to visit a customer to make legitimate comfort. suggestions.

    2. Do more of the profitable service work that gets paid at the time of service by following a proven Sales Power! system. And make sure your techs are well trained on your Operations Manuals to minimize callbacks.

    3. Terminate the employees that continue to prove they’re not good. Instead, invest the time and energy in training the right people by hiring good people who are willing in the first place. Then, make them great with great systems. These great people will figure out how to make money.

    4. Create more calls by:
      a. Direct-mail that has the potential customer get three touches in rapid succession. Start with your own customers first.

      b. Call using the Outbound CSR script to leverage your direct-mail campaign. (I wrote an article in PM that covers this subject. Check it out here.)

      c. Do a shoe leather campaign (this means get out and knock on doors) in your Ideal Customer towns and streets.

      d. Energize the full spectrum of Acquisition to get your phone ringing again.
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