We may live in the age of specialization, but right now the best thing you can do is become more of a total solution provider.

Many years ago my brothers and I decided that if we didn’t “own the basement” then we’d be inviting our competition in to supply the products and services we didn’t provide. That’s why we make the commitment to become a multi-trade shop and become what we called the “Total Solution Provider.”

And in this economy, making the decision to “own the basement” is no longer an option because you must get as many opportunities as possible to serve the customers who already have had a good experience with you and your company.

If you’re thinking about taking on extra tasks or a whole new trade, you can either build the systems you’ll need from scratch or you can jump-start the process by choosing to acquire a company that already does the type of work you don’t presently do.

Either way, it’s great to have a core set of customers you can provide more work to than trying to find new customers and sell them just what you do now ... But only if you have the systems and people in place that will allow you to properly handle the additional work and maximize the cross-marketing opportunities.

In addition to becoming the Total Solution Provider, you must change the mindset by you and your staff so that you go to a call with the idea you’re there to take the blinders off and look around. This way you’re able to make great suggestions that will better serve the customer.

If you already answer your phones professionally, have your office procedures locked in, then it comes down to parlaying your sales, operational and technical skills from the trades you do now to the new trade. Once this happens, adding new tasks and trades is easier than you think, and essential in these economic times.

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