NanoTech, a Texas-based thermal materials manufacturer, has unveiled what it describes as a “groundbreaking Next Generation Cool Roof Coating” that the company says will redefine energy efficiency in roofing. 

The company said in a June 17 news release that the coating combines traditional thermal properties with low thermal conductivity, achieving unprecedented energy reduction numbers. NanoTech added that its next-gen coating “thermally outperforms competitors by 200-300% while extending the life of aging roofs by more than 10 years, all at less than $1 per sq. ft., on average.” 

Product Highlights:

  • Superior Thermal Performance: With an advanced formula, the coating drastically reduces heat absorption, ensuring unparalleled energy efficiency.
  • Cost-Competitive: Despite its superior performance, the product remains price-competitive with existing roof coatings on the market.
  • High-Quality Resin: The coating uses only topcoat fresh resin with 71% solids, providing a more durable and effective layer that maximizes thermal protection and extends the roof’s lifespan.
  • Easy to Install: A 25-wet mil layer can be applied by spraying or rolling, making the installation process straightforward and efficient.

The company said that it is also seeking to expand its network of installers, and by joining its approved applicator list, contractors will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits with minimum volume commitments: 

  • Geo-Fencing Advertising: Targeted marketing support to drive local business.
  • Leads from NanoTech: Receive direct leads to grow your customer base.
  • Comprehensive Training: Participate in virtual sales and technical training to ensure you’re equipped to maximize the potential of our product.
  • Additional Training and Incentives: Unlock further training opportunities and incentives once specific volume thresholds are met.

To become an approved applicator, please complete the application form HERE

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