TRUFAST, a leader in residential and commercial building attachments, continues growing its portfolio of TubeSeal self-sealing fasteners and introduced the Thermal-Grip TubeSeal fastener, designed for insulation attachment over an air barrier or WRB. 

In a May 17 news release, TRUFAST unveiled its newest TubeSeal product, which is available in lengths for insulation nominal thickness from 1-inch to 4 inches and comes in half-inch increments. Thermal-Grip TubeSeal ensures a tailored fit for various insulation needs. 

TRUFAST says that, in addition to securely attaching insulation, Thermal-Grip TubeSeal fasteners helps seal blind fastener penetrations of a WRB and/or air barrier while enhancing the overall integrity of the building envelope. 

The fastener is suitable for all weather climates with its UV-resistant, semi-rigid tube construction. For added convenience, it is available pre-assembled with various TRUFAST Grip-Deck screws, including SDS (self-drilling) or HiLo thread with various washers for insulation or lath.

“When punctures in the air barrier or WRB are not properly sealed, issues like water infiltration can occur, which in turn negatively affects the building envelope’s performance,” said Jason Wigboldy, vice president, business development for TRUFAST’s parent company Altenloh, Brinck, & Co. 

“With an industry-leading portfolio of self-sealing fasteners, TRUFAST is committed to solving challenges that many architects and specifiers face,” Wigboldy added. “The TubeSeal technology focuses on maintaining the integrity of the building envelope by minimizing air and moisture flow in the area surrounding a puncture of the WRB or air barrier.”

TRUFAST’s TubeSeal catalog of TubeSeal products includes:

  • Thermal-Grip MVA (Masonry Veneer Anchor) — A wire tie design that is suitable for all substrates and maintains air barrier performance. It helps solve the challenge of thermal bridging, air and water hold-out, and labor savings at an affordable price.
  • Grip-Plate TubeSeal for Lath Attachment — Designed to help seal blind fastener penetrations of a WRB or air barrier when mechanically attaching lath over continuous insulation and the WRB. 
  • Thermal-Grip ci Prong Washer — A plastic washer used for attaching continuous rigid insulation that doubles as an air and water-resistive barrier. Prongs enable pre-spotting into insulation for fast, on-the-wall fastener assembly.

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