Owens Corning Roofing is unveiling the Solar PROtect™ Program, an integrated program that helps Owens Corning Roofing Platinum and Preferred Contractors and the homeowners they serve leverage renewable energy from the roof. The solar-ready program responds to homeowners’ interest in energy-generating roof assemblies, while providing contractors with a strategy to differentiate and help grow their business.

The Solar PROtect Program utilizes a panel-agnostic approach that pairs properly installed solar mounts with the advanced performance of engineered components in the Total Protection Roofing System®^. Compatible with a range of BAPV solar panels, the Solar PROtect Program is designed to keep pace with rapid advances in solar technology.

Training and Resources to Drive Contractors’ Businesses

Training developed by best-in-class professionals in the roofing and solar sectors and delivered through Owens Corning University (OCU) supports the Solar PROtect Program. The proprietary educational content equips contractors to start estimating, selling, and installing “Roof with Solar” systems as a certified SolarPRO contractor.

An array of tools and resources help contractors explain the financial benefits of solar roofing to homeowners. The program allows contractors to offer their customers a practical strategy for leveraging renewable energy and the expertise of a trusted leader in residential roofing systems.

Warrantied and Rated to Perform

The Solar PROtect Limited Warranty offers roofing workmanship warranty coverage for solar mount installation on the roof*. A portfolio of Duration® Series Shingles allows homeowners to take advantage of renewable energy while leveraging color to boost curb appeal. Considering safety, the Solar PROtect Program brings a Class A fire-rated under solar solution to the home’s roof.

Panel Agnostic and Nimble

As a system vetted to work with a range of solar panels and approved mounts, the Solar PROtect Program allows contractors and homeowners to select the most up-to-date solar technology to meet their needs.

“This program was developed by contractors for contractors to help grow their business in an evolving market,” said Michael Schneider, contractor program director at Owens Corning. “We are excited to integrate Solar PROtect into the portfolio of products and services that are available to Owens Corning Roofing Platinum and Preferred Contractors.”

To learn more about the Solar PROtect Program, visit owenscorning.com/solar.

* See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements. In the event of a product defect, roof workmanship issue or incorrect mount installation, the solar panel removal and re-installation labor costs will be covered at an amount reasonably determined by Owens Corning® subjects to a maximum amount. Owens Corning® will only cover the workmanship for the roof and solar mounts.

^Excludes non-Owens Corning® roofing products such as flashing, fasteners, pipe boots, and wood decking.