NanoTech Materials, Inc., a provider of climate-resilient materials, announced on Monday that it had moved into a 42,545-square-foot facility in the greater Houston area; a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on April 10. 

In an April 15 news release, the company said its expansion marks a “pivotal milestone” as it continues to experience strong customer demand for its Cool Roof Coat. The new facility has the capacity to produce enough coating material to cover more than 55 million square feet annually.

“As a diversified commercial real estate services and investments firm, one of our primary objectives is to not only provide our clients with industry-leading knowledge and unparalleled dedication to uncovering their ideal location but to work with people and companies that create value,” said Michael Keegan, partner in the Industrial Services Division at Partners Real Estate, which arranged the deal. 

“I think Mike and his team are onto something truly new and valuable,” Keegan added. “NanoTech is growing rapidly, so we were delighted to help them find the space to accommodate their next growth phase.”

NanoTech said the new facility includes four times the production floor area and more than double the office space to support increased production capacity and accommodate the expansion of research and development and customer engagement programs. 

The new campus's central location will shorten commutes for many NanoTech employees and significantly expand recruitment opportunities for local talent. The facility currently houses approximately twenty employees, and hiring will ramp up throughout 2024.

“Halliburton Labs has cultivated a unique ecosystem that enables innovative startups, such as NanoTech Materials, to use their time and capital efficiently while establishing market traction and scale operations,” said Dale Winger, Halliburton Labs’ managing director. “We are excited for NanoTech’s momentum as it propels to the next growth stage.”

NanoTech said it developed its ‘novel’ ICP to impart uncommon heat-control properties to common built-environment products, including conventional coatings, building materials, and substrates. ICP technology offers what the company described as an “unprecedented value by significantly decreasing the energy consumption required for cooling structures and reducing carbon emissions and operating costs.” 

NanoTech products include heat-rejecting roof coatings for buildings, heat-containment fireproofing paint to protect critical infrastructure from wildfires, and specialized ceramics to contain extreme heat in industrial applications. The company is approved by the International Code Council and Cool Roof Council and recently secured its ISO 9001 certification.

“As we transition to our new facility in Katy, our vision extends beyond physical expansion; it underscores our commitment to a sustainable future," said Mike Francis, co-founder and CEO of NanoTech Materials, Inc. 

"At NanoTech, we're not just creating advanced materials; we're scaling technology that enhances energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions, and offers fireproofing solutions to safeguard lives and infrastructure. 

“Our journey from a small two-car garage to this cutting-edge facility isn't just about NanoTech; it's a testament to the growing Houston innovation ecosystem, facilitating the growth of businesses like ours.”

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