Topshield, a manufacturer of roofing and siding products, announced on Monday the launch of its CraftGrade Independence underlayment. The company said in an April 8 news release that it is designed to be “35-times stronger and eight times lighter than 30-pound felt.” 

CraftGrade, Topshield’s premium product line, added that the underlayment’s construction ensures durable weather and tear resistance, and an anti-slip coating with skid-resistant properties helps prevent slips and falls.

The underlayment's lighter weight facilitates easy handling during installation, which is quick and efficient. It offers 17% more coverage per course than a standard 30-pound felt roll and is highly water-repellent, which reduces warping, wrinkling, and cracking in cold weather. The product is 100% inorganic and will not rot or mold, making it a ‘green’ building product.

CraftGrade-Independence specifications shart (pictured).

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