Brava Roof Tile, one of the United States’ top manufacturers of high-performance synthetic roofing, has introduced the updated Slate Roof Tile profile, a redesign of the brand’s revolutionary composite tile. 

The brand’s latest addition, a 2.0 version of the Slate Roof Tile, represents a notable upgrade to the existing composite slate tile with a distinct focus on the redesigned edge. Unlike the original tile’s manicured edge, the updated tile introduces a more authentic and natural appearance, setting a new standard in roofing aesthetics. 

Brava's composite Slate Tile offers the look of natural slate without the need for heavy substructure modifications, making it a cost-effective alternative. The tiles are made from recycled plastic and sustainable materials, offering a green alternative that can compete with the design appeal of traditional slate.

Crafted from recycled plastics and sustainable resources, the Slate Roof Tile maintains the brand's commitment to durability with a Class 4 impact rating and Class A or C fire ratings. Like its predecessor, its 1-inch thick profile enhances roof aesthetics while being lighter than real slate, simplifying installation and reducing transport costs.

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