WEATHER GUARD has introduced several new innovations for professional tradesmen. The next advancements in truck box security include the 2024 Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes that feature 1Key Ultralock that combines maximum security protection, the ability to manage keys to multiple boxes and new visual locking cues. 

One-key coding provides the best in fleet truck box key syncing, while a new, bold red push-button lock mechanism lets end-users know at a glance if the box is locked or not.

WEATHER GUARD is also introducing four new aluminum headache racks that quickly and easily adjust to the pro's needs, turning any truck into a professional, multi-functioning work truck. These new innovations are built and designed specifically for pros who need the best trucks and equipment for the job at hand.

“At WEATHER GUARD, we are committed to protecting professional reputations by providing state-of-the-art storage solutions to protect the tools and equipment they depend on,” said Carla Ramalho, WEATHER GUARD senior product manager. We focus on delivering the highest-performance truck and van solutions that make a day on the job more productive and efficient."

Advancements in Truck Box Security: Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes

The 2024 WEATHER GUARD Saddle and Lo-Side truck boxes feature 1Key Ultralock. WEATHER GUARD states the locking and latching system "combines top security protection with fleet management versatility." The lock-and-latch system guards against theft, and the ultra-versatile key allows users to manage one truck or an entire fleet of truck boxes by easily coding every truck box to the single 1Key. Another new feature is the ability to quickly see at a glance if the truck box is locked or not with the highly visible pop-up red lock. No more squinting at each truck box lock to check if it’s unlocked. If the red push-button is popped up, it’s unlocked.

Additional 2024 Saddle and Lo-Side truck box features include:

  • Long-Haul Durability: The new truck boxes provide ARMOR Tuf powder coat for long-lasting performance and to keep the boxes looking good for a lifetime. 
  • Superior Weather Resistance: The precision fit weather stripping provides a tight seal to ensure superior weather resistance and protection. 
  • Enhanced Attachment Points: The multiple and enhanced attachment points provide a wide clearance for straps.

The new WEATHER GUARD Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes feature a sleek design and are built for a variety of tradesmen, including residential builders and commercial contractors. The 2024 truck boxes include more than 60 unique product models for full, compact and low-profile trucks.

Headache Racks Provide Professional Function and Style 

Headache racks are designed to improve functionality. A built-in accessory channel allows easy mounting of light brackets, attachment points, or cargo stops. 

The new headache racks are available in four unique styles: Half Bar, Hex, Louvered, and Open Frame. End-users can choose a design that best suits their needs while completing the look and functionality of their work truck.

The new WEATHER GUARD headache racks' universal fit makes them easy to install on full-size pickup makes and models. They’re also compatible with a variety of truck boxes, including saddle boxes, low-sides, and gull wings. The new headache racks are also adjustable, allowing roof height or taller settings to transport materials as needed. 

"Because it has the WEATHER GUARD name, it means the product is pro-grade and durable enough to defeat the harshest conditions brought on by wind, rain, sun and all kinds of unpredictable weather," the company said in a news release.

The new WEATHER GUARD Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes and the four headache rack models will be featured at NTEA Work Truck Week March 5-8 and are available nationally. For more information, please visit