SPRI, the association representing sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry, announced that it is revising ANSI/SPRI RD-1 “Performance Standard for Retrofit Drains” and plans to canvass the document for re-approval as an American National Standard. 

ANSI/SPRI RD-1 is a reference for those that design, specify or install retrofit roof drains designed for installation in existing drain plumbing on existing roofs. This standard does not consider all roof stormwater drainage code requirements for specific building sites. 

SPRI developed the ANSI/SPRI RD-1 standard for use by architects, engineers, consultants, roofing contractors and owners of low-slope roofing systems in 2004, and it was last revised and reapproved as an ANSI standard in 2019.

Those wishing to participate in the canvassing process should contact SPRI at info@spri.org.