Beacon announced on Tuesday that it opened new locations in Conroe, Texas and Goldsboro, N.C., at the end of December 2023 to serve residential and commercial roofing contractors and lumberyards, bringing the total number of new branches in 2023 to 49.

The new Conroe, Texas branch is located in the Houston metropolitan area. 

“The population continues to grow north of the city, and we have the residential and commercial roofing products and services to support contractors as they grow their businesses,” said Peter Lippert, Beacon’s regional vice president, Texas 

“We have nine locations around the Houston metroplex, and they operate in lockstep via the Beacon OTC Network to provide the highest level of customer service,” Lippert added.

The new Goldsboro, N.C. branch is focused on lumberyard customers. 

“Our product range, delivery fleet and specialized employees will be highly appreciated by lumberyards in the Carolinas region,” said Clint Wade, Beacon’s national vice president focused on serving lumberyards. “Our entire team is dedicated to helping our customers build more together.” 

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