Kent, Ohio-based SprayWorks Equipment, a spray foam and coatings equipment company established in 2008, announced on Monday it had celebrated 15 years in business. 

In a Dec. 18 news release, Sprayworks recalled how owner Jim Davidson and his wife, Debbie — along with a handful of employees — nurtured the outfit out of three buildings over the years and now boasts a staff of 40 employees.

In 2020, SprayWorks Equipment expanded to five Owners, including John Davidson, Jennifer Hristovski, and Jeremy Davidson, Jim and Debbie Davidson’s children. Over the past 15 years, SprayWorks Equipment has seen many acquisitions, including Trail Sprayer & Service, an industrial paint, pressure washer, and coating equipment company, Dobosh Service Center, an outdoor lawn equipment company, as well as expanded its fabrication and in-house manufacturing departments.

In addition to the growth, SprayWorks has added several OEM equipment offerings, expanded its training to include a Spray Foam School and Roofing School and offers extensive lines of customer and turn-key rigs as well as material.

“The past 15 years have been full of some amazing opportunities,” says Jim Davidson. “We’re so happy to continue working with our amazing customers and watching them learn and grow in the spray foam and coatings industries.” 

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