Wholesale roofing and building products distributor ABC Supply Co. Inc. has promoted 12 of its leaders to branch manager positions at locations throughout the company in the third quarter of 2023.

Below are the individuals ABC Supply promoted, listed in alphabetical order:

Kyle Bailey has been named branch manager of the Elgin, Ill., location. He first joined ABC Supply in 2018 as an inside sales associate at the Addison, Ill., branch before earning promotions to delivery services manager in 2021 and outside sales in 2022 at the same location. Bailey graduated from the Branch Management Training (BMT) program in 2022.

Jason Bludau has been named manager of the Austin, Texas, location on Saint Johns Avenue. Bludau joined ABC Supply in 2022 after gaining more than 15 years of management experience in the oil and gas industry. He graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in public administration.

Logan Gipson was named branch manager of the Joplin, Mo., location. Gipson joined ABC Supply in 2018 at the Tulsa, Okla., location on 93rd East Avenue, where he excelled in progressive roles including warehouse material handler, inside sales associate, delivery services manager and outside sales. Gipson is a graduate of Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City.

James Harvey was named manager of the Chico, Calif., branch. Harvey began his career with ABC Supply in 2017 as the delivery services manager for the Chico branch before taking an outside sales role in 2019 and graduating from the BMT program in 2021. Harvey served in the United States Marine Corps from 2007-2012.

Erik Hauck was named branch manager of the Greensboro, N.C., location on Westcliff Road. Hauck joined ABC Supply as a BMT program candidate at the Lynchburg, Va., location. He transitioned to an outside sales role at the Pineville, N.C., location before being promoted to his current role in Greensboro.

Brian Heinonen has been named manager of the Fond du Lac, Wis., location. Heinonen came to ABC Supply in 2014 as an outside salesperson, earning several Service Excellence Awards and gaining insight into branch operations in the years since. He also graduated from the BMT program in 2022.

Sebastiano “Sebby” Liistro has been named branch manager of the Waterbury, Conn., location. Liistro worked for Kaycan since 2016 before ABC Supply acquired the company in 2022. In his time there, he served as the manager of the Bristol, Conn., location before becoming the Northeast regional operations manager in 2021. Since joining ABC Supply, Liistro has trained at the Waterbury and Bridgeport, Conn., locations. He completed the BMT program in July of 2023.

Chris McFarland was named manager of the Windsor, Wis., location. McFarland has been with ABC Supply since 2014, when he joined the company as a project estimator. After graduating from the BMT program in 2019, McFarland transitioned to an outside sales role at the Madison branch on Pflaum Road. He was most recently the assistant manager at the Madison location on Ann Street.

Brandon Olsen was named branch manager of the Solon, Ohio, location. Olsen started with ABC Supply as a part-time warehouse associate while he was a student at Virginia Tech University before transitioning to a full-time associate role in 2019. Most recently, Olsen was the delivery services manager at the Norfolk, Va., branch on Progress Road. He is also a 2023 graduate of the BMT program.

Stephen Snow was named branch manager of the Greenville, N.C., location on Diamond Drive. Snow joined ABC Supply in 2015 at the Wilmington, N.C., location before becoming the manager of the Greensboro, N.C., branch in 2018. He is a graduate of East Carolina University.

Patrick Story was named manager of the Ocala, Fla., branch. Story came to ABC Supply in 2019 as an inside sales representative at the Jacksonville, Fla., branch on Lane Avenue North before becoming an outside sales representative at the same location in 2021.

JT Thomason was named manager of the Daytona Beach, Fla., branch. Thomason previously worked for Norandex Building Materials Distribution for over 16 years before ABC Supply acquired the company in 2015. He was named a managing partner in 2020 while at the Tallahassee, Fla., branch on Northwest Passage before being named to his current role.