NOVA by Saint-Gobain announced on Wednesday that it had invested in ION Storage Systems to expand the relationship between Saint-Gobain Ceramics and ION as the companies work together to bring an innovative approach to battery technologies. 

ION provides battery solutions for applications used in defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage.

“This investment is key in NOVA by Saint-Gobain’s strategy of seeking startups providing innovative solutions for our focused industries,” Basma Kharrat, vice president, External Venturing, Saint-Gobain, said in a Dec. 13 news release.

“The opportunity of partnering with ION Storage will enable our teams to support the continued growth of this promising startup while bringing insights and expertise on battery applications to our Ceramics businesses,” Kharrat added.

ION offers adaptable solid-state battery solutions for applications including defense and aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. The company’s patented solid-state lithium metal technology can offer a battery without cobalt, nickel, and other less sustainable materials

ION noted the omission of those rare-earth elements in its technology leverages a unique ceramic cell design that supports the use of current and next-gen cathode chemistries, promoting circularity and recycling, avoiding the issues and challenges of mining, and refining rare earth metals.

“The world is rapidly evolving towards a more resilient, mobile and electrified economy; the backbone of this movement are the batteries that will power it and, until now, battery technologies simply haven’t been up to the moment,” said Ricky Hanna, CEO of ION Storage Systems. 

“We know we have found a like-minded partner in Saint-Gobain to help us drive a revolutionary step-change in the chemistry, architecture and manufacture of batteries,” Hanna added.

“We believe that electrification is one of the critical grand challenges in the global transformation needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Nicolas Miegeville, CEO of Saint-Gobain Ceramics. “Working with the Ion Storage team on solid-state lithium metal batteries is an exciting initiative to engineer a better, safer and greener world.”

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