Tarco announced a new polyester reinforced membrane with a specially formulated SBS compound that provides superior protection in critical roofing areas.

“NR600 Ultra is a state-of-the-art premium underlayment,” says Shaik Mohseen, chief operating officer at Tarco. “The white top layer provides a cooler working surface for the installer while the thick layer of SBS compound self-seals around fasteners, preventing moisture penetration. The back side of the membrane has an aggressive self-adhesive formulation that adheres to a variety of substrates.”

NR600 Ultra consists of a heavy-duty polyester fabric that imparts excellent tensile strength and elongation to this underlayment. While no reinforcement is embedded in the SBS compound itself, the surface fabric reinforces a thick layer of SBS compound. This underlayment has exceptionally high tear resistance properties resulting in a durable sheet that allows stacking of tiles up to 10-high.NR600_Ultra.jpg

Additives in the polyester carrier ensure excellent resistance to ultraviolet [UV] radiation. White pigment is added to reflect visible radiation. This unique combination of UV additives and white pigment yields a membrane that remains intact when exposed to the elements for extended time periods. In fact, NR600 Ultra allows for 180 days of exposure, which is plenty of time for a long-term dry in.

NR600 Ultra is ideal for use in tile roof applications, including mechanically attached and foam attached systems. It is also an excellent choice for use under asphalt shingles, slate, and metal. NR600 Ultra is highly effective in critical roofing areas such as valleys, ridges, coping joints, chimneys, vents, dormers, skylights and low slope sections. The underlayment withstands temperatures up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean, Easy to Handle Application

NR600 Ultra allows for clean, easy-to-handle application. The split back release film peels off for easy installation and handling. The membrane lays flat and resists wrinkling. The self-adhesive compound on the side lap ensures an immediate bond between adjacent courses, resulting in instant watertight laps.

Additional Resources

The NR600 Ultra data sheet provides additional information about the surface preparation, application guidelines, storage, and general precautions as well as physical properties as measured by ASTM standards. The product is registered with Miami Dade County (Dade NOA No. 23-0313.02) and complies with Florida Building Code (FL10450). NR600 Ultra also has ICC approval (ICC ES 2116) and is listed by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) as an acceptable alternative to roof underlayment.

“When this underlayment is applied by a professional roofer in accordance with Tarco’s application guidelines and the applicable building codes, it is the ultimate underlayment available in the roofing marketplace today,” says Mohseen. “Tarco has been perfecting this type of underlayment for many years. It is the ne plus ultra in underlayment protection for nearly all roofing applications.”

Tarco offers a 30-year Limited Warranty on this product. For more information, visit tarcoroofing.com.