There's something to be admired about the fearlessness of this flock of turkeys that made themselves so visible around Thanksgiving by roosting on the roofs of homes in a Long Island hamlet.

New Yorker Erin Ward sent in a video clip to News12 Long Island that captured the birds congregating around homes in East Islip. In addition to running around the streets, about a dozen turkeys can be seen standing in the front yards of homes and, more amusingly, atop the roofs of houses.

"Mean time on Long Island the Thanksgiving decorations have gotten a bit overkill! lol" Ward commented.

News12 Long Island didn't confirm if the turkeys were flocking to the roofs in an attempt to avoid becoming someone's Thanksgiving dinner, but did acknowledge it was a "bold statement ahead of a traditionally tough time for turkeys."

Of course, they aren't the only wildlife to have graced rooftops over the years. Everything from pythons in Detroit to a dog in Texas have been found crawling around on roofs. Even bears have been occasionally reported climbing onto people's roofs.

Other creatures, from bats to bees, are more invasive, and have a habit of making roofs and the attics under them their homes. In one recent instance, a family in Canada is attempting to find the best solution to remove a colony of endangered bats from their roof, which will likely result in having to reroof their Saskatchewan home.