United States Steel Corporation and DuPont launched a new product, COASTALUME™, North America’s first GALVALUME® material steel designed and warrantied for coastal environments. Marking a collaboration of two American companies, the new COASTALUME product combines the strength and self-healing characteristics of U. S. Steel’s GALVALUME material with DuPont’s Tedlar® PVF film barrier that withstands saltwater corrosion, UV damage, cracking, impact, and more. 

Nearly 40% of Americans live in coastal counties and increasingly face unpredictability and damage caused by environmental factors like hurricane force winds and saltwater spray. By combining its materials for the first time, U. S. Steel and DuPont have built a maintenance-free roofing solution that offers a level of durability and reliability in residential and commercial construction along the coast. The addition of a warranty along with a timeless aesthetic increases steel options for builders, architects, and homeowners alike.

“American-made steel stands above steel made anywhere else, and steel is infinitely recyclable, unlike other building materials,” said Robert Kopf, vice president Sales and Marketing, at U. S. Steel. “With our new product COASTALUME we were able to combine our steel with the proven performance and durability of DuPont Tedlar PVF film, and fully address the unique needs of coastal construction, which must withstand the toll that wind and saltwater inflict over time. This was engineered to address that need head-on.”

Applied directly to the steel coil, Tedlar film excels in resisting sea water and salt spray, maintaining color integrity even in prolonged sun exposure. The product is available in over 30 different colors, including metallics, wood grains, and stone finishes.

“DuPont invented Tedlar over six decades ago, and today it remains the industry gold standard in protection because of its flexibility, durability, and reliability,” said Matt Urfali, vice president sales and marketing, DuPont Tedlar. “Tedlar’s performance and ease of maintenance have rightfully driven several exciting applications over the years, including use by the solar industry, aerospace, and even NASA. Now, by combining the resilience and flexibility of Tedlar with the strength of U. S. Steel’s GALVALUME material, this is the next breakthrough for the demanding construction market along the coast.”

COASTALUME’s product warranty uniquely covers roofing and siding products installed up to 300 feet from breaking surf, large bays, marshes, and other coastlines. The exclusive warranty also covers up to 50 years for finish warranty and 25 years for substrate. 

DuPont and U. S. Steel have more than 340 years of combined science and manufacturing excellence in the United States. COASTALUME roofing was unveiled at the 2023 METALCON Industry Trade Show, being held Oct. 8-20 in Las Vegas, Nev., by representatives from both U. S. Steel and DuPont. GALVALUME material is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc.

For more information, please visit ussteel.com.