The Garland Company Inc. announced the next generation of its flagship StressPly family of high-performance modified bitumen membranes, StressPly Legacy. According to a release, StressPly Legacy includes 40% recycled and bio-based raw materials, features smog-reducing granules in its mineral surface, and was developed with a "360-degree approach to sustainability," including biodegradable packaging, carbon-neutral shipping, and a tree-planting service initiative.

“The StressPly family is the crown jewel of the Garland product portfolio. Since its introduction in 1980, StressPly has become synonymous with high-performance modified bitumen membranes,” said Matt McDermott, president, Garland’s US Roofing Division. “Any addition to the StressPly family must uphold the same standards for durability and waterproofing that our customers expect. With StressPly Legacy, we’re delivering a membrane that has unprecedented eco-friendly characteristics – and a 35-year warranty.”   

StressPly Legacy is formulated with 29% pre-consumer, 9% post-consumer, and 2% bio-based raw materials. Each roll recycles 20 plastic bottles into the fibers of the high-strength reinforcing scrim, and each batch includes enough recycled crumb rubber to keep eight tires from a landfill. StressPly Legacy FR Mineral also includes smog-reducing granules in its mineral surface. These granules are activated by sunlight to chemically bond with nearby smog molecules. A 20,000-square-foot commercial roof has an estimated smog-reducing benefit equivalent to 19 trees.

“To maximize the power of the smog-reducing mineral surface, we also formulated the compound with our recently introduced TripleBoost Advanced Weathering System," said Julie Geyer, Director of Research & Development for Garland. "TripleBoost enables outstanding mineral retention that exceeds the ASTM testing standard for scrubs by over 200%.”

The product ships carbon neutral due to transportation carbon offsets, and the packaging for the product is biodegradable. Garland’s network of over 200 locally-based territory managers across the U.S. has also launched a tree-planting initiative where a tree will be planted in the community of every StressPly Legacy roof.  

"We often say, there’s nothing greener than a roof that lasts," said McDermott. "With StressPly Legacy, we’re giving our customers an opportunity to make a real impact on both their building and the environment."