The Roofing Technology Think Tank, or RT3, a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry, announced on September 20 several technology resources for roofing contractors to help them successfully navigate their technology journey.

Developed by members of the RT3 Technology Task Team, the resources feature three key components:

  1. Business Maturity Guide - designed to help contractors understand their business’s ‘maturity level’ and help develop strategies, plans and technology that support continued growth and success.
  2. Technology Landscape - a comprehensive guide to help contractors understand cutting-edge software tools tailored to their needs. It defines industry technology solutions, the problems they solve, what questions to ask of vendors, considerations for scaling and expected price ranges.
  3. Technology Solution Directory* – This is where roofing contractors can browse a collection of tools and apps that can help solve their most urgent business issues.

“We are extremely excited to offer this one-of-a-kind resource to the roofing industry,” said Karen Edwards, director of RT3. “The Task Team members worked together for the last 18 months both in-person and virtually to create these resources.” 

Edwards said the group was “very intentional” in assembling the information from the perspective of an independent third party — without recommending one solution over another. 

Tech providers are encouraged to submit their solutions to be included in the RT3 Solutions Directory; providers need not be RT3 members to have their listing included in the directory, designed to allow peers to comment on each solution and leave feedback that can help other roofing contractors. 

The RT3 Technology Resources are available in an interactive format on the RT3 website and as a downloadable PDF. They can be accessed HERE

For more information, visit

*Disclaimer: RT3 does not endorse any of these solutions but provides the platform for the industry to share their information and leave reviews and feedback that could be useful to others.