Video game giant Nintendo announced the world will soon have a museum dedicated to its games and products, and has decorated the roof with appropriate artwork.

Revealed during the company’s September Direct event, the video clip starts zoomed in on some blocky colors. As the image zooms out, it’s soon revealed to be a question block from the famous Super Mario Bros. series. When it zooms out further, we learn it’s an aerial shot of the roof of Nintendo’s soon-to-be “Nintendo Museum.”

Previously announced as the Nintendo gallery, the museum is the company’s old Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant just outside of Kyoko, Japan. The plant, built in 1969, is where Nintendo originally got its start by producing playing cards and Hanafuda cards before it switched to creating video games. Discussions on how to use the building after the company transferred operations to its current Uji Plant in November 2016 ultimately led to converting it into a gallery and museum.

For those unfamiliar, a question block often contains coins or power-ups to help Mario on his adventures, so it's only fitting the museum design features a question block, hinting at all the goodies to be held within.

“At the Nintendo Museum, a wide variety of Nintendo products from the company’s history will be displayed,” said Shinya Takahashi, general manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division and supervisor of the Business Development Division and Development Administration & Support Division for Nintendo.

Takahashi said construction is “going well” and is expected to be completed by March 2024. The exact opening date has yet to be revealed.

If Japan is a bit too far to get your Mario fix, the company has been on a roll with introducing ways for fans to experience Nintendo’s colorful worlds outside of its games with the successful “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” as well as a Super Nintendo World theme park in Universal Studios in California, with another confirmed for Universal Orlando.