Amid the reports of unscrupulous roofing contractors defrauding customers and threats of violence against roofers simply doing their jobs, there are just as many, if not more, stories of roofing professionals who are out making a positive impact in people’s lives.

RC is happy to shine a spotlight on those companies who go above and beyond to make their communities and the lives of their neighbors better. Below are just a few examples from the past month of contractors giving back.

Birdcreek Roofing Helps Disabled Veteran with New Roof

Texas-based Birdcreek Roofing teamed up with Cornerstone Restoration and GAF to donate a new roof to a disabled Army veteran in Austin.

Fox-affiliated KTBC shared the story of the collaboration, which took place in mid-July. Mark Palmer, an Army veteran, is confined to a wheelchair due to an injury he received while serving his country. He and his wife, Angela, had dealt with a leaky roof for the past five years. Eddie Willis of Birdcreek Roofing heard of their plight and decided to do something about it.

“I found out Mark and Angela were in need. I presented it to my team and literally one of the guys on my team said ‘Eddie, let's do it ourselves’ because we have crews we could also turn to, but my teammates just said ‘let’s do it,’” Willis told KTBC.

Along with the roof, the donation included a wheelchair ramp for easy access and an emergency landing with stairs.

Buckeye Roofing & Exteriors Helps Air Force Vet Through Owens Corning Roof Deployment

When asked what made Air Force veteran Elvan Miller, Jr. stand out as a candidate for a roof donation, Buckeye Roofing & Exteriors Owner Lance Sherry told WPTA that Miller, Jr. was more than deserving.

“Just because of his military past, his battle with cancer, the condition of their home, the roof that was in. They’ve had contractors in the past that they’ve had leaks and stuff like that and contractors just couldn’t get it fixed,” Sherry said. “I went out and inspected the roof. I mean, there were blown-off shingles. They had leaks every time it rained. They were in financial stress and didn’t have the ability to take care of the issues that they had.”

The Ohio-based roofing contractor worked with the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project along with Purple Heart Homes to make the new roof happen free of charge. Since 2016, the project has replaced the roofs of about 450 military veterans.

Cenvar Roofing Gives New Roof to 73-Year-Old Woman Who Made Own Repairs

In an effort to save money, WDBJ reports Sharon Harris in Ridgeway, Va., climbed onto her roof and made repairs after her roof sprung a leak. That normally wouldn't be a newsworthy story until you learn that Harris is a 73-year-old slinging shingles.

“I was scared,” Harris told WDBJ. “But, I just scooted down there, got to the end and put that on. Once I got a couple of layers up, I knew I could handle it. So, I took off. I didn’t tell my kids because they would’ve fussed at me, and they did fuss at me.”

CBS-affiliated KMOV followed up on the story when Cenvar Roofing learned about Harris’ harrowing DIY fixes and decided to give her a new roof at no charge on July 17. General Manager Collin Murphy praised her repair efforts.

“She had everything installed properly,” Murphy said. “She said it took her days of going up there, throwing up two shingles at a time, and then walking herself up the ladder with her hammer going for it. It’s just an inspirational story of someone who went for it on her own and put on her own roof, which is incredible.”

Ohio Family Receives Free Roof from Van Martin Roofing

A family in Dayton, Ohio, caring for a daughter with a chronic illness can stay safe and dry thanks to a free roof giveaway from Van Martin Roofing.

ABC-affiliated WKEF was on hand as the Arnold family received the roof on July 14 as part of the roofing contractor’s annual giveaway contest. Cara Arnold and her daughter, Gracie, were entered into the contest by a member of their community. Gracie has autoimmune encephalitis and mitochondrial dysfunction, making her unable to regulate her temperature or fight off infection. In other words, it's all the more important that their home remains in good condition.

"This house, Cara, and her story of Gracie really touched the hearts of us at Van Martin. So with that, all of the guys collectively, we chose Cara and Gracie's story, which really has been a stressor for their family and we just want to relieve that stress by them not having to worry about a new roof system," Dustin Carl with Van Martin Roofing, Exterior Consultant, told WKEF.

Mighty Dog Roofing, Owens Corning Come to the Rescue of a Marine Veteran

Mighty Dog Roofing.jpgIn a story from CBS and CW Plus-affiliated KPAX-TV, we learn of Montana-based Mighty Dog Roofing’s generosity as it teamed up with the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project to provide Marine Corps veteran Edward Anthony with a roof just in time.

The Edwards moved into their home on May 1, only to learn there were issues with the roof. They received a letter saying their insurance would be canceled if the roof wasn’t repaired by June 22. When they called Mighty Dog Roofing to get a quote, the roofing company informed them of the Owens Corning initiative. They applied and were accepted within three days.

Nick Whitehead, the owner of Mighty Dog Roofing and an active member of the U.S. National Guard, told KPAX-TV the donations aren't about his company but helping veterans.

“They’ve served above and beyond, most have,” he said. “It’s a thankless job sometimes, and it’s just an honor to be able to do it for them.”