Founded by Daniel Young in 2011, Kingdom Roofing Systems specializes in retail and insurance restoration in addition to residential and commercial roofing. Young purchased the company’s first Equipter in 2019, after eight years of closely monitoring customer feedback and learning that leftover nails were their number one complaint. 

Putting Safety First with the Equipter 4000

One of the many benefits of the self-propelled Equipter 4000 lift for both contractors and homeowners is its ability to create a safer work environment. Not only does debris stay out of flower beds, but homeowners are also less likely to find sharp splinters and nails scattered throughout their yards. 

“We know that when we use the Equipter, we’re much more likely to leave a clean yard with no hidden nails,” Young explains. “Now that we have the Equipter, we have very few callbacks at all on nails being left behind.”

Stepping up Production

A faster and more professional roof replacement is also worth the cost to roofing prospects. And the peace of mind offered by this more professional process often leads to a customer’s willingness to trust roofing contractors who use the Equipter.

One quality of the Equipter that contributes to faster production during roof replacement is its compact design. At just over 6 ft wide, the Equipter 4000 fits into tighter spaces that standard dumpsters and equipment can’t.

“We get into tight places that a bigger piece of equipment like a telehandler cannot get into,” Dave says. “And so when we come out with a piece of equipment like the Equipter, our customer knows how much we care. We deliver a product faster, better, and safer.”

Landing More Customer Recommendations

Before Kingdom Roofing Systems invested in job site safety with the Equipter, their average recommendation rate was around 86 percent. In just six months, the company’s recommendation rate jumped to over 90 percent. Young greatly attributes the Equipter 4000 to this increase.

“We want to deliver the highest quality roof system at the greatest value and the greatest price. And the Equipter has absolutely pushed the needle on that.”