A hotter world seems to have coaxed investors to infuse some cool cash into material science company NanoTech Inc., which warmed up investors by pioneering climate-resilient materials promising a marked decrease in carbon emissions and a tangible return on investment for building owners.

In a July 31 news release, the company says the capital infusion primes it to rapidly combat peak summer temps across the built environment sector with its flagship product, the Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat

Nano Shield_product photo.jpgThe company says its waterproof thermal coating harnesses heat-resistant technology to dramatically cut the energy HVAC systems demand for commercial space cooling.

"It's crucial to recalibrate the sustainability narrative – environmental responsibility and financial return can go hand in hand," says Mike Francis, CEO and co-founder of NanoTech. “We’ve transformed the roof from a cost center to a savings source by reducing energy expenditures while also significantly shrinking the building's carbon footprint.”

A mix of three institutional, two corporate-strategic, and seven family office investors joined NanoTech’s initial investor, Ecliptic Capital, to accelerate the startup's reach. With the continued support of Halliburton Labs' industrial scaling resources, the first company selected for the program intends to use the funds to bolster NanoTech's network of trusted installers and distributors for immediate delivery nationwide.

The company says its Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat builds upon the superficial solar ray reflection of traditional white coatings and paint with its industry innovation that virtually eliminates heat penetration via the roof. 

In some applications, NanoTech says customers have seen a staggering drop of up to 40°F – inside the building. The company and its partner community are confident the investment will help coat as many roofs as possible before temperatures soar.

"The substantial decline in CO2 emissions and energy costs resulting from reduced reliance on HVAC systems is far more than a fringe benefit — it forms the cornerstone of our long-term strategy to lead the climate-resilient materials market,” Francis said. “Beyond corporate objectives, it's a personal source of immense pride to foster a healthier planet for generations to come." 

For more information, visit thenanoshield.com.