Altenloh, Brinck and Co. US, Inc., a leading manufacturer of engineered fasteners for use in residential and commercial building material industries based in Ohio, announced on July 3 that Jason A. Beals had been named Chief Executive Officer.

ABC US, the domestic subsidiary of Altenloh, Brinck and Co. Group, operates brands including SPAX, TRUFAST and TRUFAST Walls

ABC_US_Beals_Mug.pngIn a news release, the company announced that in addition to naming Beals as CEO, former acting CEO Nikolas Dicke was recently made permanent CEO of the company’s parent company, based in Ennepetal, Germany. Allyn Luce, formerly the vice president of Manufacturing for ABC’s domestic division, had also been named the company’s U.S. COO.

“I am delighted to announce Jason Beals as our new Chief Executive Officer and Allyn Luce as our Chief Operation Officer,” said Dicke in a release announcing the news. “Both Beals and Luce are long-time leaders within [ABC US] and are highly involved within our communities.”

Dicke added that local leadership and the company’s commitment to its employees and customers would lead to continued success for the business and building strong partnerships between ABC US and Northwest Ohio.

As a 15-year veteran with Altenloh, Brinck and Co., Beals joined TRUFAST in 2006, starting in finance after graduating from Miami University in Ohio. During his tenure, Beals held various leadership roles within the organization. The company noted that Beals’ leadership helped guide the company’s track record of driving transformation within the commercial roofing industry through the commercialization of high-quality, engineered fastening solutions. 

As president of TRUFAST and a former CFO for Altenloh, Brinck and Co. US, the company said Beals has been “…instrumental in successfully helping drive the company’s growth, quadrupling the business in size, adding more than 200 jobs, and leading the acquisition of what is now TRUFAST Walls in 2017, all while maintaining its family-owned, people-focused culture.”

“Building on 200 years of global excellence, [we] proudly look to continue the significant growth that has defined our organization since the US operations began as TRUFAST in 1981,” Beals said. “Our exceptional team will continue this growth in the coming years and decades by delivering innovative products and services through our trusted connections and valued customer relationships.”

ABC_US_Luce_Mug.pngLuce has been with ABC US for more than 20 years. He graduated from Albion College in Michigan and has held various leadership roles across the operations and supply chain footprint during his tenure. Previously, Luce was the vice president of Manufacturing; the company said he was “…instrumental in establishing technological advancements to drive operational excellence, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and automation throughout the entire production processes enabling [the firm] to now manufacture and distribute over 200 million fasteners each month.”

 As COO, the company said Luce would guide the operations, including sourcing, manufacturing efficiency and capacity, distribution, planning and logistics, and information technology.  

“With a dedicated team of exceptional employees looking to improve not only the current way we operate but also explore highly innovative concepts, the future value creation of ABC US is tremendous,” Luce said. “Our passionate people share the same core values, our proprietary technologies and processes, and worldwide footprint provide the foundation for organizational and future success.” 

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