Inland Coatings recently announced the release of its spray-grade Pro Metal Series, a spray-applied restoration system for metal roofs that pairs RC 2250SG premium Rubber Seam Compound [spray-grade] with RC 2016 One Pass Rubber Roof Coating. 

InlandCoatings_Logo.jpgIn a statement, the company says its single-pass system allows commercial roofing companies to repair and restore metal roofs at a significantly lower cost and a better profit margin than a complete roof replacement. 

According to Inland Coatings, the Pro Metal Series uses only spray-grade products, which benefits crews by reducing the number of people in the field needed to apply the product. 

“We’re focused on saving contractors time and money, and reformulating our brush-on seam compound is one way we’ve done that,” said Coridan McGinley, president of Inland Coatings. “Now, the spray application is exponentially faster; with labor so hard to come by, any way contractors can do more with a smaller crew is monumental.”

Formulated with corrosion inhibitor, mildewcide, primer and UV protectant, RC 2016 One Pass uses a smaller amount of product than other coatings to restore a roof, the company said, which reduces the number of days on-site. This allows contractors to complete the restoration faster and move on to the next rubber roof coating project. 

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