CertainTeed announces the United States launch of Solstice, one of the most technologically advanced and reliable solar solutions on the market.  

A statement from CertainTeed says the launch marks a pivotal expansion of the manufacturer's comprehensive building solutions, making it easier than ever for roofing contractors to integrate solar technology into both new and existing roofing systems.

Leveraging its expertise in roofing material design, CertainTeed developed Solstice from a roofer’s perspective – offering solutions that complement a home’s aesthetic and durability to ensure it can weather years of changing seasons and challenging conditions.

“CertainTeed has supported generations of builders, roofers and contractors to build beautiful, comfortable, lasting homes,” said Phoebe Kwan, general manager of Solar Solutions at Saint-Gobain. “With Solstice, we’ve applied our experience and imagination to deliver innovative solar solutions that improve performance, impact sustainability and accentuate style. Solar is more than just a trendy word, but a future way of building to make lasting environmental impacts.” 

Available as shingles and in a traditional panel, Solstice provides an option for everyone:  

  • Solstice Shingle seamlessly integrates with any asphalt shingles, and can produce about as much energy as conventional, rack-mounted solar panels without the bulky look. It has a category-leading hail impact rating*, and offers superior performance under diffused light and shade leading to increased energy production throughout the course of the day. The shingle can be installed directly by a roofing contractor with the assistance from an electrician. 
  • Solstice Panel features stylish all-black solar panels that can be installed with either a new or existing asphalt shingle roof. For those wanting to lower their home’s energy consumption, the Solar Panel balances style, efficiency, and value. 

“As we consider the impact of rising energy costs and homeowners looking to take advantage of [Inflation Reduction Act] tax credits and other incentives, solar roofing presents a tremendous business opportunity for roofing contractors as demand for solar roofing continues to grow,” Kwan said. 

CertainTeed said it provides a full suite of educational resources and support through its Credentialed Solar Installer Program — created to support the contractor community with on-site training, credential and productivity programs, and digital tools to better serve their customers with category-leading service and quality.   

The entire Solstice system is backed by warranty, including the installer's workmanship for up to 25 years. When installed in tandem with a new CertainTeed roof, the entire system is protected under one company.

Check with your local distributor for availability. For more information about CertainTeed’s Solstice series, visit certainteed.com/solar.

*Certification pending