DaVinci® Roofscapes, a part of Westlake Royal Building Products™ USA Inc., has introduced an online portal for members of its DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program. The new portal grants 24/7 access to rebates, marketing tools and sales support materials to DaVinci’s top-tier installers.

“We’ve added a wide variety of new marketing materials to our program that our DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors can customize for their local sales efforts,” says Wendy Bruch with DaVinci Roofscapes. “Everything from a series of educational consumer newsletters, to social media messaging, to digital ads, are now available to educate homeowners on the value of composite shake and slate roofing. These materials are conveniently located in the portal so that our DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors can access them at any time, day or night, to work on their marketing campaigns.”

Other promotional elements available in the portal include branded promotional items, event home programs, sales kits and lead programs. In a release, DaVinci says the ability to complete project registration forms and gain access to rebate information are key elements of the site. The online portal also has a series of educational and training programs, webinars, installation guides and tips. 

“This comprehensive portal is set up like an a la carte menu,” says Bruch. “It’s designed to feed the needs of roofers who are hungry to build sales with a wide range of tactics. 

“We appreciate the loyalty that roofers show to DaVinci," she adds. "The more of our products they install, the higher the rewards they experience with our DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program. Now we’re adding tools developed especially for them to grow their business and gain additional rewards. 

Bunch said as DaVinci enhances the program, the hope is that more industry professionals will join the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program. 

"When they do, they’ll discover we’re ready to fully support them in growing their business with outstanding products and programs," she says.

Visit dmcmembers.com for more information.