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Signing a contract
Photo by Yan Krukov

EOS? Right For You?

Dave Harrison, a board member of National Roofing Partners and consultant with Harrison Management Consultants, explains what EOS is and how it can help roofing contractors strengthen their companies.


Silhouetted workers on a roof

Roofing Worker Shortages May Be Permanent

Richard Alaniz describes how post-pandemic conditions, combined with economic pressures, may result in a shortage of workers in the foreseeable future.


Powerwashing a roof

Restoration Over Replacement: Opportunities in Commercial Roofing Projects

Errol Bull, technical expert for GE branded silicone sealants, discusses the opportunities in restoring roofs with silicone coatings and how this can be an attractive proposition for customers from a sustainability, cost, and practicality perspective.


workers on a roof
Photo by Raze Solar on Unsplash

DOL Unveils Updated Independent Contractor Rule

New guidelines will make it more difficult for companies to classify workers as contractors instead of employees, warns Trent Cotney, partner at Adams and Reese.