Having safe and dry shelter can be something that’s taken for granted, but when those who can’t afford this basic necessity need help, roofing contractors step up.

As they have in years past, roofing companies around the country are giving back to their communities through roof donations, giveaways and more. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here are just a few examples of roofing companies – and grateful homeowners – saying thank you.

Heavenly Roofing Donates Two Roofs to Washington Residents

Two homeowners in Ephrata, Wash., received some much-needed assistance from above, thanks to Heavenly Roofing.

According to a story from iFiberOne, Heavenly Roofing, founded two years ago by Victor and Yuritzi Chavez, has chosen two homes they felt were in need of new roofs. They are providing the pro-bono work with the goal of keeping those under the roofs safe and warm this winter. Materials were provided by GAF and SRS Stoneway. The goal was to have both home reroofed before Thanksgiving.

Heavenly Roofing plans on making it a tradition to offer up to two charity roofing projects to those in need.

Chappell Roofing Provides New Roof to Vietnam Veteran

Chappell Roofing in Texas made sure that at least one veteran per year won’t have their holiday spirits dampened by the expense of replacing a roof.

“I’ve lived in the Permian Basin for 43 years, and it’s taken good care of me and my family,” owner Jeremy Chappell told CBS-affiliated KOSA-TV. “I wanted to give back.”

KOSA-TV reports that the roofing company continued its tradition of donating a roof to a veteran, this time providing Army veteran James Porter with a new roof.

“It’s hard to accept free things,” Porter told reporters. “I didn’t work for it. Yes, I served in the military, but not every veteran gets free stuff all the time, and we don’t ask for that, ya know?”

Roofing Contractor Helps Victim of Hurricane Ian with New Roof

After learning about a veteran’s plight following Hurricane Ian, Epic Roofing & Exteriors in Bonita Springs, Fla., took it upon themselves to make things right.

The day before Veterans Day, Fox-affiliated WFTX reported on how retired Army Lt. Col. Jim Rafferty had a blue tarp installed on his home after the hurricane, but the tarp failed. Unfortunately, the Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t come out and re-tarp it.

After seeing that story, Epic Roofing & Exteriors stepped in and expedited the permitting process so they could put a new roof on the veteran’s home.

“Got the crew out here, got material dropped off and now he is fully dried in and now safe from the rains,” said Marshall Adams, owner of Epic Roofing.

Angelo’s Roofing Reroofs Navy Veteran’s Home in Annual Program

WJET was at the home of Navy veteran Reid Walker earlier this month as Angelo’s Roofing in Erie, Pa., reroofed his home free of charge with its "Roof-a-Vet" program.

“It’s wonderful,” Walker told WJET. “We didn’t know what we were going to do if it started raining.”

Andy Vinca, owner of Angelo’s Roofing, said despite the company’s busy schedule, they were glad to help out a deserving veteran right around Veterans Day.

“We really wanted to do it tomorrow, but of course with roofing that’s weather dependent so we decided to do it today, the day before. But it’s definitely an annual thing that Angelo’s Roofing is going to continue to do,” Vinca said.

ACE Metal Roofing Holds Snow Fort Contest

As winter nears, chances of snow in the Midwest are likely. With that in mind, ACE Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne, Ind., is challenging local families to build their best snow fort for the chance to win prizes.

ACE Metal Roofing encourages local youth to participate in its first annual 2022-2023 Build the Fort Challenge for a chance to win a $500 holiday shopping spree. Any family-friendly snow creation is eligible to win. In addition, ACE Metal Roofing has a unique twist to inspire its community.

“The winner of the 2022 Build the Fort Challenge will not only take home $500 but we’ll also donate $500 to their charity of choice,” said ACE Metal Roofing Founder Ernie Vance in a written statement. “This way, we can make a greater impact in a season that’s all about giving.”

Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration Launches ‘No Roof Left Behind’

Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration in Odenville, Ala., has launched its "No Roof Left Behind" program, allowing property owners affected by major weather events to have their roof inspected for damages and structural integrity after a storm at no cost.

Property owners that have sustained damage to their roof and qualify for the company's new program can pay as little as $500 out of pocket for a full roof replacement. The company aims to help homeowners avoid scammers and repair storm related damage to their properties at an affordable price.

“A lot of companies just accept missing items on the scope of loss, we don't. People pay for insurance so that if a storm damages their home, they don't have to come out of pocket thousands of dollars to repair that damage,” said Co-founder Chris Baldus. “When we see missing line items, we don't just charge our customers. With our customer's permission, we communicate with their insurance provider to make sure that the full cost of repair or replacement is covered, as it should be.”