WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Northpoint Roofing Systems, a roofing business based in Georgia, has donated two free roofs to Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia. One roof was given to the Women's Build, and the second was used for the Home Repair Program. 

"Habitat for Humanity is an excellent organization that provides housing support for people in need, and we feel honored to be able to donate to them," said Keith Priddy, CEO and co-founder of Northpoint Roofing Systems. "The organization's Women's Build and Home Repair Program have both been immensely beneficial to members of our community. With our roof donations, we are hoping to support women in the construction industry, as well as people in need who do not have the resources or finances to fund necessary home repairs."

Shingles from GAF, a partner of Northpoint Roofing Systems, will be used to construct the roofs donated to Habitat for Humanity. The Women's Build is a sector of Habitat for Humanity that is focused on empowering women in all walks of life. Women's Build's mission is to provide the opportunity for women to take a proactive step in serving their communities and create more opportunities for women in the construction industry.

The second roof, donated to the Home Repair Program, was given to a senior citizen seeking assistance in replacing a leaky roof. The recipient is an 86-year-old disabled woman who lives alone and was unable to fund the repair on her own. In addition to her leaky roof, she was also requesting help with other significant issues in her home, such as HVAC, flooring repairs due to additional leaks, porch repairs, and more. With the donated roof, Habitat for Humanity was able to subsidize the additional work needed on the woman's home. The roof installation and other home repairs were completed in July this year.

"It feels good to be able to support community members in need when we are able to," said Priddy. "As a company with a customer-focused philosophy, we understand the importance of working to better our community, which is why Northpoint goes out of our way to donate when we can. We hope that we continue to be able to support organizations like Habitat for Humanity with roof donations when we are able to."