CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — Encore Coatings, a manufacturer of home improvement brands ranging from household cleaners to high-performance exterior coatings, has announced an agreement to supply their latest product, REJŪV, to over 600 LOWE'S locations.

REJŪV is a revolutionary new product for enhancing and protecting asphalt surfaces. This pigment-free, bio-based treatment rejuvenates worn, tired-looking asphalt surfaces within minutes. Unlike other products for asphalt maintenance, REJŪV is an eco-friendly alternative that contains zero petroleum, tar, or flammable solvents. Users simply spray REJŪV onto their asphalt surfaces to instantly restore the color and provide up to 12 months of protection.

"REJŪV brings an entirely new, DIY approach to asphalt maintenance," said Jeff Moreau, Jr, co-founder. "Historically, if you wanted to make asphalt look better, your options included topical tar-based seal coatings, or re-paving the asphalt entirely which requires skilled labor and commercial grade equipment. Seal coatings are essentially film-forming, petroleum-based 'paints' which can eventually peel and become unsightly. Additionally, asphalt replacement is often cost-prohibitive.

"REJŪV, however, reacts internally with the latent petroleum within the existing, faded asphalt. It briefly re-emulsifies the asphalt into a liquid state, which then allows REJŪV to deposit high-performance additives into the asphalt. This first-to-market chemistry restores the color and augments the asphalt itself, which eliminates the possibility of future film delamination. REJŪV is formulated with plant derivatives and contains zero pigments, tar, or flammable solvents - and the best part is, you simply spray it out of a typical garden sprayer and watch the magic unfold. It won't discolor surfaces around the home, nor kill grass, and requires virtually zero surface preparation."

Moreau, Jr. said during the last year of testing, the company saw evidence that REJŪV hardens asphalt and prevents raveling (disintegration and aggregate loss), therefore preserving the surface.

"It's truly the easiest, and most sensible way to restore tired asphalt, we're extremely excited about REJŪV and our ongoing partnership with LOWE'S," he said.

LOWE'S stores will begin carrying REJŪV across the northeastern and upper midwestern United States as soon as August 2022. REJŪV will join other Encore Coatings products on LOWE's shelves such as their bestselling COOL! Pool Deck Coating. For more information about this product, visit the Encore Coatings website at To find a Lowe's store near you that carries REJŪV, visit the store locator here.