The U.K. is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave this week, prompting the boss of one roofing company to surprise his workers not with a grueling day of physical labor, but fun in the sun.

Stuart Houston, managing director of HG Roofing Supplies in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is being hailed as a legend after a video from the company went viral. Instead of working in 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures on July 18, Houston gave all his staff a paid day off and converted the parking lot of his building into a backyard paradise for his staff to enjoy.

As seen in this video from DeadlinenewsTV, the setup features two pools with inflatables, folding chairs, a meat-filled BBQ, games, beer and music for them to enjoy. The original video, posted by an employee named Dylan Foster on TikTok, ends with him chilling on a floating ring in a pool with his co-workers.

Commenters on the original video called Houston a “legend” for the act, while others praised his actions and said they’d “work twice as hard for a boss like that.”

In a story from LADBible, Houston said they made the decision at the end of last week to throw the party since they knew it was going to be a scorcher.

“We just thought we would treat the lads with a pool party and barbecue, give them a paid day off due to the inclement weather,” Houston told LADBible. “We always try to treat the lads once or twice a year when we can.”