AKRON, Ohio — Pink Energy has opened a service and installation office in the Akron, Ohio area.

Job seekers can expect online postings for several roles including service technicians, installers, warehouse staff and more. Those seeking a position with Pink Energy can visit in person at 5021 Louisville St. Neb., in nearby Louisville, Ohio. Those interested may also search openings online at gopink.com/about/careers, or send an email to careers@gopink.com.

"We've installed solar for thousands of customers in Ohio, and adding this office in Akron will be of great benefit in helping us provide service for customers in this northeast part of the state," Pink Energy President and COO Steve Murphy said.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, solar installers are forecasted to be the third fastest growing career path in the country over the next decade.

Meanwhile, residents in the Buckeye State who are customers of publicly owned utilities may be eligible for the state's net metering program. The program allows eligible homeowners with solar energy systems to feed the grid excess energy that was collected from their solar panels. Participating homeowners are then granted a credit towards their utility bill. Competitive retail electric service (CRES) providers are also required to participate in net metering with an interconnection agreement. Rural electric cooperatives and municipal electric utilities are not required to offer net metering, but some may do so. Those inquiring about a solar energy system are encouraged to contact their electricity provider to find out more.

Solar panels can be financed (in some cases, for roughly the same cost as your electric bill), and once the financing ends, so does your payment for solar, allowing customers to be more in control of their energy consumption and "own their power."