SELLERSBURG, Ind. — Metal Sales, a leading supplier of metal construction products, has announced its new purlin mill at the company's Denver facility is fully operational and producing high-quality secondary structural products. 

This new, state-of-the-art purlin line significantly expands Metal Sales' secondary structural product offering with the capability to produce purlins up to a 24-inch web depth in thicknesses ranging from 18-gauge to heavier 10-gauge parts. This line can also roll form eave struts and other structural sections, along with offering a wide variety of punches.  

These new capabilities, coupled with shorter lead times and a customer focus, will enable Metal Sales to better service existing customers and grow into new markets. 

At the same time, Metal Sales added a mill to their Mocksville, N.C. branch. This brings the total number of branches producing secondary structural framing to five: Woodland, Temple, Sellersburg, Denver, and Mocksville. 

"A significant benefit to this investment is the opportunity to accelerate growth with our customers and service more accounts on a national basis," said Brian Haraf, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Metal Sales. "Denver’s location is ideal to service IMPACT Building customers, self-storage, solar and other commercial segments nationally."