ST. PAUL, Minn. — Ergodyne announced the launch of the Skullerz® 8944 Soft Foam Bump Cap, a new ultra-light, ultra-flexible soft foam bump cap insert that easily turns any hat into comfortable protection against head injury hazards like low ceilings, beams and pipes.

The soft foam insert is the latest addition to the Skullerz line of light-duty head protection solutions intended for settings where workers aren’t required to wear hard hats. The current bump cap offering already includes a recently released vented hard shell insert, plus fully integrated caps in a variety of styles.

“Finding a way to enhance worker comfort without compromising protection was the driving factor behind this new soft cap,” said Tim Gallant, Ergodyne product director. “And, based on the positive feedback we’ve already received from workers in the field, we’re excited to be able to bring a solution to the market that delivers a trifecta of fit, feel and protection.”

With a patented trim-to-fit design and interlocking panels, the breathable foam cap easily and comfortably integrates into any hat to defend against bumps, scrapes and bruises.

The new Skullerz 8944 Soft Foam Bump Cap Insert is available now on To learn more, email or call 800-225-8238 or 651-642-9889.