SHERIDAN, Ark. — RoofConnect, a nationally recognized professional roofing service provider, celebrates its 20th year serving the needs of building owners across the country with a wide variety of exterior building services. As it has for the past two decades, RoofConnect's national network of roofing and paving contractors will continue to provide round-the-clock availability, timely response, superior service, quality workmanship and professional communication to its clients.

RoofConnect began as a kernel of an idea from industry innovators before it was incorporated in 2002. The concept was to bring robust, national strength and scale to every client, from small retailers to local, state, and federal governments. The work continues to this day under the leadership of CEO David Workman.

"We had roughly $30,000 in sales in 2006; in 2021, that number was over $100 million. Our clients like the flexibility and maneuverability RoofConnect offers," Workman said. "We provide superior service no matter the size of your building, roof, or contract."

From a band of 27 contractors and a handful of small retailers as clients, RoofConnect now offers customers a deep bench of more than 200 contractors reaching across the United States and providing roof assets management, commercial roof repair, rooftop snow removal, emergency leak repair, complete commercial roof replacement, solar roofing attachments and mounts, and more.

Indicators point toward a bright future of continued growth as RoofConnect listens to and responds to clients' needs. PaveConnect, another RoofConnect innovation, began in 2017 to answer the call for quality paving services.

"Roof and parking lot repairs tend to go hand-in-hand, and our clients were expressing a need for quality paving services," Workman said.

Workman anticipates adding more services to fill the need of clients from one-shop retailers to regional and national retailers and beyond. Clients include public sector buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, multiunit housing blocks, and more. One testament to the company's success: of its 27 original contractors, 14 companies are still members of the RoofConnect family.

Celebrations within RoofConnect will focus on the hard work performed by RoofConnect's dedicated teams of employees and are expected to cluster around the company's official March 6 anniversary. 

"We've gone from $30,000 to over $100 million, from a napkin to a blueprint, and from a handful of contractors to more than 200. Our clients know we are doing something right," Workman said.