CHARLOTTE, N.C. — National Gypsum Company has introduced DEXcell FA VSH™ Glass Mat Roof Board, a new product manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC in its line of DEXcell® roof boards that provides a solution for buildings in geographic areas prone to very severe hail (VSH) damage.

“DEXcell FA VSH Glass Mat Roof Board delivers enhanced hail, puncture and wind resistance, meets critical testing requirements and provides a proven solution for FM VSH single-ply and multi-ply assemblies,” said Warren Barber, product/sales manager for DEXcell. “It is an excellent choice for roof assemblies requiring maximum hail and puncture resistance.”

DEXcell FA VSH protects from wind uplift, enhances fire and moisture resistance and provides dimensional stability, which all help to protect the assembly and the building owner’s investment. It is extremely durable and approved for use in adhered and mechanically attached single-ply and multi-ply assemblies meeting FM Very Severe Hail Classification. It has a reinforced gypsum panel with enhanced moisture-resistant gypsum core and heavy-duty coated glass mat facers.

“DEXcell FA VSH boasts a stronger core designed to withstand a 2-inch ice ball traveling at 106 miles per hour in the FM Test Standard 4470,” Barber said. “This new roof board installs like other DEXcell products, making it easier to handle and install than competitive products. It also features optimal score and snap with better fiberglass facer engagement properties.”

DEXcell FA VSH can be used as a coverboard, underneath the membrane and/or above the insulation, on many different roof assemblies. It can also be used as a thermal barrier on metal deck assemblies. This new roof board can be adhered and mechanically attached in most roof assemblies.

“DEXcell FA VSH offers a highly desired solution and is a natural extension to the other members of the DEXcell Roof Board family – DEXcell Glass Mat Roof Board, DEXcell FA Glass Mat Roof Board and DEXcell Cement Roof Board – which cover the entire spectrum of commercial roof applications,” Barber said. “National Gypsum remains committed to providing innovative products with performance benefits that are highly desired by industry professionals.”

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