CHICAGO —AccuLynx today announced that its platform exceeded industry standards for SaaS program uptime over the past 12 months.

AccuLynx surpassed the industry’s guaranteed average, establishing its uptime — a measurement of how reliable and stable a system operates  to be among top SaaS providers. AccuLynx’s performance is measured by third-party cloud infrastructure monitoring providers, New Relic and DataDog, which set industry benchmarks for premium internal network providers.

In addition to exceeding industry standards for the past 12 months, Google’s Core Web Vitals report shows that the majority of AccuLynx’s pages load in less than 2.5 seconds. By comparison, Core Web Vitals reports that other major roofing software providers only load 20 to 32% of their pages in under 2.5 seconds, making AccuLynx one of the fastest roofing software providers for page rendering time.

“These results over the last 12 months prove that AccuLynx continues to be the premium software product for the residential roofing industry,” said Mike Stein, CEO of AccuLynx. “Meeting the industry standard guidelines for uptime is not enough for us — contractors rely on AccuLynx to manage every aspect of their business. Our software development teams go above and beyond to ensure a consistently reliable experience for our customers.”