SAN DIEGO — Semper Solaris has chosen Senior Chief Brandon Berry as the 2021 Semper Cares Initiative Project November recipient. He will be receiving a top-of-the-line whole-home solar panel system, drastically reducing his electricity bills for the rest of his life.

The Semper Cares Initiative aids veterans and their families in battling high energy costs through major home improvements like solar panel installation free of charge. This November, Semper Solaris is supplying a full solar panel system and installation for Berry and his entire family.

Semper Solaris is a veteran-owned company based in El Cajon, Calif. that provides home improvement services such as solar panel and battery storage installation, roofing and HVAC systems. Former Marine Corps Captain and co-owner Kelly Shawhan has a passion for renewable energy and the benefits it provides. Semper Solaris’ work ethic is inspired by the U.S. Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis, which means "always faithful." Semper Solaris is continually honored to hire and train U.S. veterans, which in turn provides excellent service and loyalty for their customers.

One year prior to 9/11, Berry found himself enlisting in the U.S. Navy. Upon completion of boot camp, he received orders to attend Field Medical Service School in Camp Pendleton, Calif. where he set up roots.

Soon after the attacks on September 11, Berry was shipped off to his first of many tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. His training helped prepare him for the grueling tasks assigned while conducting combat and salvage operations with the Marines, Seal Delivery Vehicle Team 1, Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 1 where he qualified as a Diving Medical Technician, Independent Duty Corpsman, Master Training Specialist, Naval Parachutist, Expeditionary Warfare Specialist, and Medical Department Head while rising to the rank of Senior Chief.

Yet, Berry’s service and valor have come with a price. After his first deployment, he sustained undiagnosed intestinal injuries resulting in multiple surgeries. Throughout his deployments over the last two decades, Berry has been exposed to repeat blasts, intense combat, high-risk diving operations, and dangerous environmental factors contributing to a series of health problems such as a traumatic brain injury, conductive hearing loss, PTSD, respiratory problems, and neurological issues.

Despite the after-effects of his dedicated service, Berry remains undeterred and upbeat. Berry is a loving husband, full-time hockey dad of two boys, an avid golfer, and team captain of the Warrior Foundation's Cycling Club.

Berry’s personal achievements include six Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, five Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and numerous campaign medals and ribbons. Senior Chief Berry earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College in 2017.

After the selection of Brandon Berry for Project November, Semper Solaris is currently asking for nominations of deserving veterans to receive a free solar panel installation for the next Semper Cares Initiative event.