HOUSTON, Texas — Home builders have a tendency to live in several of the homes they build. At some point, all homeowners build the home they know will be their last move. Carl Blackwell, owner of KLM Erectors in Zachary, La., expects the home he moved into in July 2020 to be his final stop. So, the plan had to include a shop behind the house that features a kitchen, gym and game room.

That shop, a 75-foot by 60-foot building, was built with roofing and wall panels from Metal Depots.

“Metal Depots opened up in the Baton Rouge area about seven or eight years ago and I think we were one of their first customers,” Blackwell says. “Being new to the area, they really focused on customer service and still do.”

Blackwell started building the home and shop in early 2020. The 7,890-square-foot home has 6,110 square feet of living space, including a porch topped by 980 square feet of Slimline® snap-lock concealed fastener panels from Metal Depots. The roofing color is Coal Black to match the asphalt shingles on the rest of the home. Slimline® is Metal Depots’ most popular concealed fastener panel, providing a sleek contemporary profile.

For the shop, Blackwell started with the “roof only” package and worked on selecting components, including wall materials, as he went along. The roofing is Metal Depots’ PBR Panels in Charcoal, approximately 4,500 square feet. The PBR Panel is the most used exposed fastener panel, covering 36 inches with a rib height of 1-1/4 inches.

“The front of the shop is brick and the left side is 75 feet of PBR Panels,” Blackwell says. “The other side is divided into three equal sections, a kitchen, game room and a gym, all facing the pool.”

Blackwell says the durability of Metal Depots products help ensure his “forever home” will stand the test of time.