The roofing industry is invited to participate this year even without the traditional in-person build. 

The 12th annual Community Service Day at IRE 2021 will take on a different form in Las Vegas, but the mission is still the same. Volunteers continue to help restore the homes and improve the quality of life for residents in need at the IRE host city. But they’ll do so digitally this year, and organizers could use your help. 

Due to Nevada’s high heat, and health and safety protocols, continuing the tradition of an in-person build wasn’t possible. Event organizers set a fund-raising goal of $10,000 to help with multiple projects. 

They continued their partnership with Rebuilding Together, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to repairing the homes of people in need in communities across the country. The organization establishes local groups to recruit and mobilize volunteers looking to make an immediate impact in their neighborhoods. 

This year’s donations will help a Las Vegas resident in dire need of a new air conditioning unit. Contributors will also assist 73-year-old Lee Ann Luttrell with a much-needed roof to her Las Vegas home. The project involves a shingle roof with 2,700 square feet of pitch roof, and 480 square feet of flat roof. The rooftop swamp cooler also needs removal, and 18 LF. of fascia on the gable side of the home will be replaced.

“This is my favorite day of the year, so it’s really exciting to still be able to participate this way and help. It’s truly life-changing for them,” said Brandi McElhaney, long-time event coordinator. 

Las Vegas-based Commercial Roofers will help with the roof replacement. Others interested in pitching in can donate here:

A portion of all paid IRE registration fees will also benefit the projects.