Explore the latest product innovation from Duro-Last – the industry’s first customizable rolled product

Earlier this year, Duro-Last unveiled Duro-Last X (DLX) and the response has been strong. Not only does latest product-offering enhancement of the company’s signature pre-fabricated membranes improve the way contractors work on the rooftop, but it aligns with ambitious sustainability goals, Duro-Last officials said in an exclusive conversation with RC’s editorial team. 

“It’s the first rolled product in the industry that offers a custom-length option,” said Brian Regnier, vice president of sales with Duro-Last. “This will really give the contractors a lot of flexibility with labor, less rolls, less welding and really made to enhance the overall labor experience with our contractors.”

Customization and compatibility with other Duro-Last products was key in the DLX’s development process and minimize waste in the field. 

“You’re going to be able to eliminate butt joints, end-to-end welds on the rooftop, and potentially run one end of the building to the other with one singe roll,” explained Don Garno, sales product manager for custom fabrication for Duro-Last. “Every time you start and stop a roll and get going you’re creating more labor and more time. It gives you a cleaner looking job, and also a faster installation as well.”

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