BELOIT, Wis. — With new Shur-Gard Roof Wrap from Mule-Hide Products Co., contractors can put away the tarps, ropes, and sandbags and instead install a temporary roof that can protect the roofing structure and the building’s interior for a full year.

The 12-mil-thick polyethylene film is heated to shrink to the roof, securely wrapping it to create a fully-functioning, leak-free roof that can stay in place for up to 12 months, resisting water and wind and preventing further damage. Designed for use on steep-slope roofing systems, it can be used to cover an entire roof or to protect only damaged areas, such as such as around whirlybirds, over a few broken tiles, or over a broken skylight.

“It lasts five to 10 times longer than a traditional tarp,” said Mark Wessinger, product category manager – liquid-applied systems for Mule-Hide Products Co. “Contractors have plenty of time to make permanent repairs or replace the roof. And in the meantime, there are no return trips to the jobsite to replace a torn or flyaway tarp or a broken sandbag.”

Shur-Gard Roof Wrap is exceptionally strong and resistant to tears and punctures. The white film is highly reflective and resists damage from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation for up to a year. And when its job is done, the film is 100% recyclable.

Large rolls — 32 feet wide by 90 feet long — allow contractors to make the structure watertight with fewer seams, speeding up installation. The membrane is extremely flexible for easy handling. If a roof inspection is required after Shur-Gard Roof Wrap is installed, the contractor can cut an access area in the film and then easily reseal the area after the inspection is complete.

One roll of Shur-Gard Roof Wrap covers 2,880 square feet. More information is available at