Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) and its parent company, Advanced Roofing, recently completed South Florida’s second largest solar roof at Costex Tractor Parts (CTP) headquarters in Doral, Fla., which provides 90 to 100% of the energy needed for the entire building. Executives from the two companies met in celebration of Earth Day to discuss how other organizations may make a difference towards environmental progress.

The CTP solar installation is part of 300 solar commercial roof projects by AGT on the 14th anniversary of the company. A total of 2,974 solar panels on the CTP roof delivers an impressive 1.6-megawatt green energy production.

“Our goal with this project was to deliver an energy asset that would last for 30 years,” said Clint Sockman, AGT vice president. “Costex made green technology a priority from the beginning of their design process. Due to the environmental commitments of the CTP executive team, we collaborated and achieved their long-term vision with integrations which included daylighting with skylights.”

Melissa Uribe Gil, vice president of CTP, explains the company has grown by providing replacement parts for equipment to clients in over 150 countries. She credits the company’s strong values and employee engagement for the momentum gained in the hundreds of communities they serve.

“By reducing carbon emissions, our employees take great pride in being part of a company which is taking amazing steps for the environment,” said Uribe Gil. “This is one of the ways we’re making a difference. Our new facility is a dream of my father (Gilberto Uribe) who wants to make sure future generations will continue to be community minded.

“We created the headquarters from scratch,” Uribe Gil added. “Today, we are opening the doors for other organizations and industries to join us in this solar energy movement.”

Advanced Roofing CEO Rob Kornahrens started this roofing business with $15,000 borrowed in 1983 from his father. AGT was envisioned when his twin boys, Kevin and Mike, shared a solar roof sample with their dad.

“When we made the decision to get into solar, it wasn’t just a business decision, it was a choice to get even more involved with environmental efforts,” explains Rob Kornahrens. “We were already active in efforts such as setting up reefs and community outreach working with county officials. Our goal was to continue being a role model for other companies and achieve green technologies for the long term.”

Today, son Michael is the executive vice president of AGT and has been instrumental in the growth of AGT achieving more than 300 commercial solar installations since 2007. Brother Kevin, an executive vice president, oversees the company’s information technology, human resources and finances.

Kornahrens points out that prior to the upcoming hurricane season, now is the time to consider solar roof installations as part of annual roof maintenance and possible replacements for cost savings. It is estimated that Costex will earn annual energy savings of $207,008.

AGT is at the forefront of solar technologies and with the demand for environmentally responsible practices, including electric cars. Solar carports from the company, which protect vehicles while generating clean energy, complement electric vehicle charging stations.

“We’re seeing more corporations coming to us with a desire to take advantage of both cost savings and environmental steps,” says Rob Kornahrens. “With the realization of storing energy from solar and not needing a grid, this is the future, which is beginning to gain attention now.”

A recent example of a net-zero facility is the Lung Biotechnology PBC buildings in Jacksonville, where AGT installed five solar carports to protect over 100 vehicles and generate 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity providing up to 50% if the total energy needed to power the center. Orlando solar installations include a solar carport for Lockheed Martin that saves more than $370,000 in energy costs annually in addition to a similar carport for this company in Oldsmar that protects over 500 vehicles and produces 2.25 megawatts of energy, enough to power about 300 homes.

To accommodate Florida’s demand for climate change solutions, AGT has acquired a 32,000-square-foot office and warehouse in Tampa Bay.